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I Love Bats!

Starting an embroidery project with fellow artist Christina Doelling. We are working on a collection of small embroideries of different bat subjects, and plan to sell them to raise money donate to a bat sanctuary.

Text from Christina describing the project:

Have you ever thought to yourself, "I really wish I could help save bats and also support local artists but I don't know how to do both at once" ? Now is your chance. Maura and I have started an embroidery project that focuses on just some of the beautiful bat species that inhabit the world (there are over 1,200). We will be giving 100% of the proceeds to Bat World Sanctuary, a non-profit bat rehabilitation center in Texas. Why bats? We think bats are super cool and beautiful, but also they make up 20% of the mammal population and contribute to our ecosystem in numerous astounding ways. We also hope to help eliminate the stigma against bats with this project! Bat World Sanctuary helps rehabilitate bats and send them back into the wild, but they also have permanent housing for bats who can not be introduced back into their habitat. If you would like to purchase one of our pieces, let us know!


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